SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE : Second Newsletter

We’re back with exciting updates on SUPER-i, as we approach the project’s completion in February 2025.

SUPER-i has been a groundbreaking project dedicated to generating investments, collecting data on energy efficiency, and alleviating energy poverty within the European social housing sector. 

Our project has been developing financial tables tailored to each pilot, as part of a comprehensive study to evaluate the economic and financial feasibility of energy efficiency interventions in ItalySlovenia, and Denmark.

Our focus on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) involves deriving adjusted risk extra returns (RP) for each
, enabling us to identify the most suitable contract for each building. Explore the financial tables created for each pilot, providing valuable insights into the nuanced aspects of sustainable infrastructure investment. 

But there’s more to cover– let’s delve into SUPERSHINE. This project is dedicated to renovating social housing, providing assistance to households grappling with energy bill payments, and playing a proactive role in tackling energy poverty. The project aims to create replicable models of smart districts, based on energy efficiency affordability, and sustainability. 

SUPERSHINE’s transformative urban development initiatives operate in Riga,Herning Municipality, and Triestewhere lighthouse districts undergo comprehensive renovations. Embodying the NEB principles, resource efficiency and smart living, these projects prioritize resident-centric approaches, catalyzing social innovation.  

During SUPER-i and SUPERSHINE’s annual meeting, we held a co-creation session commenced with a workshop facilitated by ICONS to affirm the key performance indicators (KPIs) with a specific focus on engaging stakeholders and residents, co-designing, and promoting social innovation. 

The co-creation session with the three SUPERSHINE lighthouse districts followed. The districts of Riga, Trieste, and Herning took turns to discussthemes such as awareness of energy renewal benefits, community engagement, and social objectives. 

As we navigate the final stages of SUPER-i and venture halfway into the SUPERSHINE journey, we invite you to stay connected with our progress.  

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