Trieste, Italy

The SUPERSHINE Italian lighthouse district is composed of 8 buildings, each comprising 4 stores and 16 dwellings. The total floor space is 4,417 m2 with an energy consumption for heating of 131 kWh/m2. ATER Trieste plans to demolish and rebuild these buildings. The objective is to overcome the functional obsolescence of the district, attributable to the state of deterioration of the buildings, and to overcome the technological inadequacy with an organic series of redevelopment interventions. This lighthouse district is the extension of the SUPER-i project pilot. 

The lighthouse district within the NEB principles


SUPERSHINE is building upon the financial analysis developed within the sister project SUPER-i.

SUPERSHINE is promoting adequate and well-targeted funding by supporting innovative financial solutions such as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) while collaborating with innovative local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and proposing sustainable renovation, based on circular solutions, use and reuse of sustainable materials, and the integration of nature-based solutions while reducing whole life-cycle carbon emissions.

Additionally, SUPERSHINE One Stop Shop will interact with local businesses, innovative SMEs and services to harmonise the EE refurbishment at district level and in order to provide tailored information to all the relevant stakeholders. The planned intervention includes: higher energy efficiency of the building fabric, onsite generation and storage of renewable energy. 


Improving the life conditions of the tenants and the structure of the buildings themselves, and increasing inclusiveness will increase the attractiveness of the district. The creation of new communities resulting from the rebuild of the district will lead to the definition of new social housing services designed according to the inhabitants’ needs.


SUPERSHINE is promoting the use of renovation as a lever to address energy poverty and access to healthy housing for all households, including for low income people with disabilities and for older people. The new dwellings will be assigned to low-income tenants differentiated by composition and age group. The development will then be suitable for the establishment of an energy community to further decrease energy poverty of the local social housing inhabitants.


Lighthouse districts are in three cities: Trieste (Italy), Herning (Denmark) and Riga (Latvia).

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