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Our goal? To provide a significant contribution towards generating investments and collecting data on energy efficiency refurbishment in the social housing sector.

The general objective of SUPER-i is to support the funding of EE (Energy Efficient) refurbishment of social housing stocks across Europe while increasing the share of renewable energy in the final energy consumption following these specific objectives:

Tailored PPPs (EE Public Private Partnerships) and roadmaps;

Data gathering and processing;

Integration of EE investments within portfolio management strategies;

Awareness and Replicability; SUPER-i Roadmap and Platform; SUPER-i investment pipelines.

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SUPER-i and SUPERSHINE work together to renovate social houses as we know them


The SUPER-i project will contribute to generating substantial investments in energy efficiency within the social housing sector by establishing a direct dialogue, at local government level, between financial institutions, other private investors and social housing managers while also involving ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) and by collecting relevant data on EE investments, helping to develop efficient financial schemes. 

The SUPER-i project will deliver innovative financing schemes that are operational and ready to support the financing of EE refurbishment in the social housing sector.


Pilots take place in three countries: Italy, Denmark Slovenia.


University of York

Project Coordinator & Scientific Coordinator

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