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SUPERSHINE Lighthouse Districts : Pave the Way for Sustainable Urban Living
SUPERSHINE lighthouse districts represent a bold step towards sustainable urban living. By integrating innovative technologies and involving...
Shaping Tomorrow Together: Surveys for Lighthouse Owners, Managers, Residents, Tenants, and Local Businesses
These surveys aim to gather diverse perspectives, from building stakeholders to local residents, to shape the future of crucial buildings and...
SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE : Dialogues Under the Spotlight Interview Series
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our interview series “SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE : Dialogues Under the Spotlight ” of video interviews...
When less is more: the new EU Building Stock Observatory
A new revamped version of the EU Building Stock Observatory has just been launched!
SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE at the 4th International Social Housing Festival Highlights
The ISHF provides a platform for international collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices in the social housing sector....
When heating is a luxury: countering energy poverty to save the planet
Social housing associations and EU projects are countering energy poverty with innovative financial schemes and “solidarity mechanisms”: “Buildings...
Transforming Europe's Social Housing: Survey on Energy Efficient Refurbishment Strategies
Launch of the online survey on Energy Efficient (EE) refurbishment of the social housing stock across Europe!
SUPER-i: Investing to tackle energy poverty – Presentation Video
The video provides a comprehensive overview of how SUPER-i will revolutionize energy efficiency in social housing!
The EU funded SUPER-i project, is scheduled to present the initial results at the ISHF in Barcelona on June 8th.
Super-i at IEPAW
International Energy Poverty Action Week: Right to Energy Forum 2023 

Building renovations: Social aid to accept the change
By Claudio Rocco Social worker Carmen Nueno meeting two tenants involved in the EU project BuildHeat Carmen, why did you and your team start...
Green Living: Encouraging investors to go retro
By Damon Embling Making our homes greener and more energy efficient is crucial if Europe is to realise its environmental targets and ambitions....

Press Releases

A Closer Look into SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE : Get to know the impact better 
SUPER-i and SUPERSHINE projects charted new frontiers in sustainable urban development. From co-creation...
Investments in energy-efficient renovations in social housing: SUPER-I project involved stakeholders in three fruitful roundtables
The SUPER-i project has just concluded the first round of stakeholder meetings in three different countries:...
SUPER-i new investment solution to boost energy efficiency in social housing
Most of the European social housing stock were built between the 1940s and 1970s, when energy efficiency...