Building renovations: Social aid to accept the change

By Claudio Rocco

Social worker Carmen Nueno meeting two tenants involved in the EU project BuildHeat

Carmen, why did you and your team start social work with the occupants of the building?
“From the beginning, we included the tenants as part of the project. Many changes are planned in the houses they live in, and every change generates fear and suspicion. With good two-way communication, we try to offer reassure people and minimise conflict. Energy-saving measures will be better received and understood. We intend to empower tenants, help them understand all the phases of the project and respond to their needs.”

Who are the tenants?
“They are families who have asked for and obtained access to social housing. Generally, they have low incomes. They are workers, but also pensioners, people dependent on benefit. Some families have been living there for many years, others for a few months.”

This article was originally published by BuildHeat and you can read it entirely here.