SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE : Dialogues Under the Spotlight Interview Series

We are excited to bring you these interviews, offering a glimpse into the transformative objectives of SUPERSHINE and SUPER-i. These projects are not only reshaping social housing and combating energy poverty but are also contributing to a more inclusive and environmentally friendly future.

The interviews will kick off with the project coordinator of SUPERSHINE, Riccardo Coletta. Coletta brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the inner workings and aspirations of SUPERSHINE and where does SUPERSHINE stand with the NEB Principles. His perspectives are expected to shed light on the project’s goals, achievements, and future trajectory.

Furthermore, the series will feature a captivating interview our lighthouse Trieste, Cristina Davi and Simone Pressacco on how the life conditions of tenants and the structural integrity of buildings are set to improve with SUPERSHINE. From our fellow city Istanbul, we will learn from Erdem Kocabey how the SUPERSHINE project align with the plans in Istanbul, Kadikoy.

Through this interview series, SUPER-i will explore diverse perspectives on the transition toward environmentally friendly living conditions. Viewers can expect a fresh approach to understanding the significance of investing in sustainable energy solutions and combating energy poverty from Alice Pittini, and from Tom Straw we will gather insights into how the SUPER-i project will be offering for sustainability and carbon reduction.

Also, please see the interview that we held with Paola Zerilli, our project coordinator on SUPER-i project!

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