Shaping Tomorrow Together: Surveys for Lighthouse Owners, Managers, Residents, Tenants, and Local Businesses

SUPER-i and SUPERSHINE are excited to announce the release of two surveys: the “SUPER-i SUPERSHINE Survey for LIGHTHOUSE BUILDINGS” and the “SUPER-i SUPERSHINE Survey for LIGHTHOUSE DISTRICTS.”

SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE Survey for LIGHTHOUSE BUILDINGS – Calling all Building Owners, Managers, and Resident Associations

Building owners, managers, and resident associations are invited to lend their voices to this survey, dedicated to making lighthouse buildings more energy-efficient and comfortable. The insights gathered will play a crucial role in shaping strategies to enhance the sustainability and livability of these structures. Your valuable input can contribute to the preservation and improvement of lighthouse buildings for generations to come.

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SUPER-i & SUPERSHINE Survey for LIGHTHOUSE DISTRICTS – Calling Tenants and Local Business Owners

If you are a tenant or a local business owner residing in or around a lighthouse district, your perspectives matter. Share your insights to help shape the future of your district, contributing to its unique character and vibrancy. Your feedback will be instrumental in crafting strategies for the sustainable development and promotion of lighthouse districts.

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These surveys are designed to engage a diverse range of participants, from building owners and managers to tenants and local business owners, in shaping the future of lighthouses and their surrounding districts.

Both surveys are available in Danish, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovenian, Serbian, and Turkish, ensuring accessibility for participants everywhere.

Spread the word, and encourage your networks to participate in these surveys to make a meaningful impact on the preservation and evolution of lighthouses.

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