SUPER-i: “Investments in Smart Energy Efficiency in Social Housing”  has been selected to be presented within the framework of the ISHF 2023.

The International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) is an initiative by Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, and its members and allies, present in 25 countries and encompassing 25 million dwellings, 11% of the housing stock in the European Union.

ISHF is a unique opportunity for discussion between Housing Europe member organizations and especially between them and the different stakeholders working in the housing field: research institutions, professionals, local authorities, residents and activists, among others. It also represents a timely occasion to articulate the housing sector and to foster collaboration and technical exchange at the international level.

The 4th International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) will focus on the lessons to be learned from mature as well as emerging housing systems vis-à-vis emerging social and economic challenges across the world, with a special focus on Southern Europe and extensive participation from the rest of the continent, Asia, Latin America and North America.