EEIP represented Super-i and SUPERSHINE projects at the Right to Energy Forum 2023. Two sessions organised under the auspices of Right to Energy Coalition and Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety (FEEDS) opened a discussion on what encapsulates the energy poverty in the European Union. Not only that the current definitions are improved within the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive, but a very broad collaboration between EU institutions, NGOs and industry is seen as necessary.

Theresa Griffin, Chair of FEEDS outlined that EU Renovation Wave must start from those poorest in our society. This must be enabled by a holistic regulatory and practical context. A one that includes financial enablers, unlocking refurbishment of social housing across Europe. Reflecting on the sky-rocketing energy bills this winter further discussion envisioned a potential European ban on energy disconnections.
Of interest to the Super-i specific objectives, Jeppe Jensen of Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH), outlined the key importance of data gathering and systematisation. Not only with objective to understand the current state of energy poverty and energy efficiency, but also to provide a springboard for future consolidated regulatory and industry actions. 

Finally, discussion progressed towards which stakeholders are necessary to be involved in the discussion for this holistic shift in energy poverty regulation and action. It could start from the national and  local governments, social housing and tenants association, NGOs, social care providers, financial institutions, data agencies, and others. They should all establish an open and direct dialogue in order to release all full potential of energy efficiency for those at the bottom of European society. 

Dusan Jakovljevic
Policy & Communication Director