Zaragoza (Spain)

The SUPERSHINE Spanish fellow district is situated in Zaragoza with two sub-districts; Pedro Saputo-Margarita Xirgú and Emmeline Pankhurst. Built 1992, the buildings have not been refurbished to date. The ACTUR district was built in the 1970s in response to homelessness issues faced by the city. A district heating system has been installed and the local government earmarked huge public investments for the construction of emblematic buildings (now turned into offices, new business and public services) and infrastructure.

The lighthouse district within the NEB principles


SUPERSHINE is building upon the financial analysis developed within the sister project SUPER-i.

SUPERSHINE is promoting adequate and well-targeted funding by supporting innovative financial solutions such as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) while collaborating with innovative local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Additionally, SUPERSHINE One Stop Shop will interact with local businesses, innovative SMEs and services to harmonise the EE refurbishment at district level and in order to provide tailored information to all the relevant stakeholders. There is a municipal strategy plan and an investment plan which includes refurbishment of these buildings in energy efficiency measures and promoting refurbishment of social housing buildings.

Relevant to the refurbishment is a municipal strategic plan that considers:

a) refurbishment of buildings

b) centralization of the individual heating installations if possible

c) installation of renewables to provide hot water and electricity for an energy community.


SUPERSHINE is proposing sustainable renovation, based on circular solutions, use and reuse of sustainable materials, and the integration of nature-based solutions while reducing whole life-cycle carbon emissions.


Residents in the district are primarily large families, followed by single parent families, elderly, unemployed and dependents with social subsidies. There is a high percentage of immigrants and diverse ethnic groups. Inhabitants of the district have access to several services: primary schools, hospitals, sports facilities, a community centre, a study reinforcement centre, shopping centres and green public spaces such as the water park and the riverside.

The district hosts several departments of the University of Zaragoza. There are some neighbourhood associations in the district through which social housing residents interact with a neighbourhood platform.


Lighthouse districts are in three cities: Trieste (Italy), Herning (Denmark) and Riga (Latvia).

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