Social housing: Surfing the renovation wave

By HEART Project

The Renovation Wave will be soon sweeping across Europe. Led by the European Commission as part of its Green Deal, the EU is attempting to pave the way for a decarbonized and clean energy system by revolutionizing the building sector. The HEART project, funded by the Horizon program, is one of the harbingers of that revolution, and offering new opportunities for social housing.

With over 100 years of know-how, public, cooperative and social housing providers have shaken up the architectural and urban landscape of residential buildings. In the past, one of their main roles was to provide better housing for the working poor and the middle class, and prevent the alarming public health risks in urban areas. These days they are taking on a new challenge: improving the quality of their housing stock to limit energy poverty; increasing housing affordability; and lowering the environmental impact of buildings and residents.

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