Setubal (Portugal)

The SUPERSHINE Portuguese fellow district is located in Setúbal. The municipality has an area of 230 km2 and a population of 123,684 inhabitants. To date, the municipality has already promoted the energy certification of 293 dwellings in social housing, with the intention of soon certifying more than 1800 dwellings, with the aim of rehabilitating the buildings.

The lighthouse district within the NEB principles:


SUPERSHINE is building upon the financial analysis developed within the sister project SUPER-i.

SUPERSHINE is promoting adequate and well-targeted funding by supporting innovative financial solutions such as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) while collaborating with innovative local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and proposing sustainable renovation, based on circular solutions, use and reuse of sustainable materials, and the integration of nature-based solutions while reducing whole life-cycle carbon emissions.

Additionally, SUPERSHINE One Stop Shop will interact with local businesses, innovative SMEs and services to harmonise the EE refurbishment at district level and in order to provide tailored information to all the relevant stakeholders. The planned intervention includes: higher energy efficiency of the building fabric, onsite generation and storage of renewable energy and smart grids.


These buildings have not been refurbished. Since 2015 the Municipality of Setúbal has implemented an energy certification process.


The inhabitants in the social housing district consist of people of all ages, low-income families, mostly in situations of poverty with low education levels.


Lighthouse districts are in three cities: Trieste (Italy), Herning (Denmark) and Riga (Latvia).

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