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Updates from Our Lighthouse District: Denmark’s Green Innovations in Herning

The first sod was broken on Tuesday, June 4, for a unique 50-square-meter orangery constructed entirely from recycled materials. Soon, Fællesbo residents in Holtbjerg will enjoy a serene space to bask in the sun and sip coffee in their very own orangery.

This is no ordinary structure. Materials for the orangery have been sourced locally, including surplus items from the renovation of FællesBo’s department at Valdemarsvej and Thyrasvej. The foundation of the orangery will be crafted from concrete elements from old balconies, and repurposed windows will replace the old ones. The project aims to minimize the use of new building materials, ensuring all elements are screened for environmentally harmful substances.

The orangery is part of a larger initiative called ‘The Green and Blue Oasis at Holtbjerg,’ which features beehives, raised beds, bird boxes, insect hotels, an amphitheater, a bonfire hut, fruit groves, and more. Through collaboration with local stakeholders, FællesBo aspires to infuse more life into the area with nature as the central theme

FællesBo’s chairman, Finn Stengel Petersen, along with the chairman of the FællesBo department 24 board at Valdemarsvej and Thyrasvej, Peter Thaisen, were present to celebrate the groundbreaking initiatives taken in the project. Petersen highlighted the project’s environmental impact, noting the reuse of approximately 18 tonnes of materials, resulting in an estimated CO2 saving of 17 tons. “It is fantastic to think that recycled materials, which used to be called ‘waste,’ now turn into this fantastic place for our residents. This project aligns perfectly with FællesBo’s strategy of participating in the green transition with a focus on recycling and effective use of green areas,” said Petersen

Adding to the sustainability of the project, students from Via University College and Herningsholm Erhvervsskole and Gymnasium will be responsible for constructing the orangery. This hands-on project offers a holistic learning experience, encouraging students to collaborate across various materials and disciplines. Kasper Vedel, project coordinator from the Knowledge Center for Crafts – Design and Architecture, emphasized the importance of this approach: “We call it holistic learning. By working together, we learn to understand and respect each other’s skills, avoiding unnecessary resource expenditure.”

The new FællesBo orangery at Holtbjerg represents a collaboration between Via University College, Herningsholm Erhvervsskole og Gymnasium, Titan Nedbrydning, the Knowledge Center for Craft – Design and Architecture, Upcycling Orangery, and FællesBo. The project receives support from the Lokale- and Anlægsfond Fund and the Nordea Fund.

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