SUPER-i Project

SUPERSHINE AT TRIESTE: A New way of Sustainable Living

Riccardo Novacco, President of Ater Trieste, expressed the importance of SUPERSHINE: “Today, Via Boito represents one of the most important projects that Ater Trieste is preparing to launch, in terms of content, creativity, innovation, and community participation. We are paying particular attention to green spaces to ensure they are accessible to all. This involves the complete demolition and subsequent reconstruction of eight buildings of modest quality, originally constructed over seventy years ago during the Allied military government era. From the current 120 accommodations of minimal size, a smaller number will be achieved – 80 at most – but these will be aligned with current family needs and equipped with all modern living comforts. The parking spaces will be located on the ground floor, avoiding excavations that could disrupt the ecosystem and addressing issues of waste abandonment and illicit activities.”

The pilot site for Italy has been identified at the Ater complex in Via Boito, Trieste. Utilizing innovative methodologies already tested at the European level (New European Bauhaus – NEB), the redevelopment will focus on new technological and residential solutions promoting energy savings, environmental protection, and improved livability.

The launch event saw the presence of key representatives from the city of Trieste, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, and FEDERCASA – the Italian Federation for Public Residential Housing and Social Policies. Emphasis was placed on involving young people through science education initiatives under the Horizon Europe STE(A)M Learning Ecologies project, coordinated by APRE. Our Project coordinators Riccardo Coletta and our Scientific Coordinator  Dr.Paola Zerilli were also in attendance.

Francesco Noera from ICONS attended to highlight the contributions and the importance of engagement with the stakeholders and the community: “We presented the engagement strategy designed for the SUPERSHINE project in close collaboration with relevant partners and the derived roadmap that describes in detail how the strategy will be implemented in the ATER Trieste pilot. A brief overview of all the stakeholders that will be engaged was also presented, delivering a comprehensive overview of the stakeholder engagement in the coming months.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Trieste with SUPERSHINE!

Photo credit : Archivio Ater Trieste