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Workshop “Gender Equality to Support Resilient Communities”

July 5, 2023

The workshop, organised as part of the UIA Congress, is designed to gather insights and develop actionable policy recommendations that drive meaningful change, empowering diversity and providing equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender.

It will address strategies and mechanisms that bridge the gender gap and encourage collaboration and mentorship among women across different levels of seniority. During the workshop, relevant cases will be presented by three leading and inspiring speakers, offering valuable insights and perspectives on urban feminism, energy management and public private partnerships.

F The first session will focus on identifying and discussing the barriers that women face in various sectors, while the second session will explore potential solutions for increasing women’s participation in STEAM fields.

Finally, the discussions will be targeting authorities and policymakers, with the ultimate goal of effecting significant change and enhancing gender readiness.

Diversity is highly valued, so all of the individuals of all genders, colors, and ages to actively participate.

This workshop is organized as part of the W4RES project and in collaboration with the SUPER-i project, aimed at promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency in the EU.

Our Project Coordinator, Paola Zerilli will be presenting “Applications of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Models from the SUPER-I Project”!

Here is the link to register!

The agenda for the workshop is the following :

13.15: Welcome
13.25: “Urban Feminism – A More Inclusive Architecture and Urban Planning” by Asal Mohtashami
13.35: “Energy Management Model for Consumers” by Ivana Veselinova
13.45: ”Applications of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Models from the SUPER-I Project” by Paola Zerilli
13.55: Workshop pt. 1: Barriers for women in the STEAM fields.
14.10: Workshop pt. 2: Solutions for getting more women into the STEAM fields
14.25: Workshop pt. 3: Formulation of actionable policy recommendations
14.40: Evaluation
14.45: Wrap-up




UIA Congress Bella Center, room B3 M1-2 Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark + Google Map